Shoes Extravaganza 2017 show: Watch here

Shoes Extravaganza 2016 show: Watch here

Shoes Extravaganza:

Our Mission is to celebrate the shoe and shoe design in all its imaginative glory and ‘precarity’ on the catwalk as performance art, political agency or object of desire.

Values of excitement, curiosity, imagination, commitment, diversity, surprise, and innovation in design drive the mission.

 Shoes Extravaganza 2017: 3 entry categories:

  • Contemporary fashion: Using well resolved leading edge design to create shoes with retail potential, this category rewards excellence in innovation and imagination. Shoes need to be size 39-40 (European) and must be crafted from scratch. Winner, Virginia Tatton ‘ShaShaShoes’.
  •  Fantastical Shoe: Use your imagination to create outrageous impossible shoes which stimulate all the senses and inspire the fantasies of the audience. These need to be wearable and walkable for models on the catwalk and in size 39-40 (European). Use existing shoe components and adapt them so that at least 50% of your shoes are original in structure. Winner, Flora Knight ‘Adidas’.
  • Shoe Sculpture: For artists, this category invites you to create a pair of shoes of an ordinary size for the sole purpose of sensory delight – a feast for the eye, the ear or the nose. The shoes in this category do not have to be wearable or walkable. They will be displayed on the night of the show. Winner, Samantha Hughes ‘Borrower Boot House’.

Shoes Extravaganza 2017 winners: Samantha Hughes, Shoes Sculpture, ‘Borrower Boot House’; Bev Goodwin, Retrospective 2016 Runner Up, ‘Out there Girl’; Flora Knight, Fantastical, ‘Adidas’; Virginia Tatton, Contemporary, ‘ShaShaShoes’.

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1 Feb - entries open
1 June 2016 - entries close
Early june 2016 - initial selection of shoes from photos. Selected entries sent to auckland for choreographing on models and show development.
1 junr 2016 - entries close
Late October 2016 - awards announced
October/November 2015 - shows