About Shoes Extravaganza competition:

Shoes have many layers of meaning; – historical, social, philosophical, political, visual, functional, playful, fetishistic, they provide a rich ground for artistic & creative exploration.

Shoes are at the heart of the Shoes Extravaganza event. You are invited to submit your entry (a pair, size 39-40 European) for initial selection by uploading photographs via this website ENTER button online. Entries open 1st April. $40 per entry. Entries close 30 September – entries time extended to encourage more entries – there have only been a handful so far. Successful selected shoes entries notified 4 October. Send to 14 Ahiriri Avenue, Avondale, Auckland by 18 October where they are catalogued and stored carefully, then curated for the exhibition.

Successful shoe entries can be for sale by agreement (except for winning and runner up entries receiving prize money – these shoes are retained by the organiser).


1. Contemporary/Fashion: Using well resolved leading edge design to create shoes with some retail potential, this category rewards excellence in innovation and imagination. Shoes need to be size 39-40 (European) and must be crafted from scratch. These shoes need to be wearable and walkable.

2. Sculptural/Fantastical: Use your imagination to create sculptural or outrageously impossible fantasy shoes of an ordinary size 39-40cm (European) which stimulate all the senses and inspire the fantasies of the audience. The shoes in this category do not have to be wearable or walkable. At least 50% of the shoes must be crafted from scratch.

Prizes: Contemporary/Fashion winner – $700; Sculptural/Fantastical shoes winner – $700; Contemporary/Fashion runner up – $300; Sculptural/Fantastical runner up $300.

Shoes can be flat, high, narrow, wide, heeled, platformed, wedged, witty, serious, frivolous, sexy, dowdy, colourful, multi coloured, plain, pumps, boots, slippers, sandals, jandals, clogs, moccasins, loafers, ghillies, getas, sneakers, whatever you can imagine. You are invited to use your imagination to design fantastical or contemporary footwear that ‘pushes the boundaries’.

There are no restrictions on materials and processes, however if you use biodegradable materials, meat or vegetable (such as Lady Gaga’s meat shoes!) they must be dried and preserved. If you are using repurposed old shoes please note that dirty or smelly shoes will not be accepted. Designers are encouraged to be aware that for some categories models will be wearing their designs – feel how to move in them, to walk and sit in them – have a physical response and surrender your identity to them as some of these may be choreographed for the exhibition. Shoes must not have been entered in any previous competitions such as part of a wearable art entry or any other events including previous Shoes Extravaganza shows.

Dates: 1 April 2019 – entries open; 30 September 2019 – entries close;  4 October 2019 – initial selection and entrants notified. Successful entrants send shoes to Auckland by 18 October.

Awards night Sat 2nd November 7.30-10pm @ Brothers Brewery City Works Depot, shed 3, City Works Depot, 90 Wellesley St West, Auckland. 

Judging this year by the wonderful all round talented designer and curator Ms Leela Bhai.

For general inspiration and hundreds of examples of amazing shoes go to  http://www.virtualshoemuseum.com

Questions? email Annie @ enquiries@shoesextravaganza.com

To Enter: Make your shoes; photograph front, back, sides; click ENTER button (bottom of page Right); upload up to 6 photos; describe your idea; pay NZ $40 per entry per category. Success!

1 Feb - entries open
1 June 2016 - entries close
Early june 2016 - initial selection of shoes from photos. Selected entries sent to auckland for choreographing on models and show development.
1 junr 2016 - entries close
Late October 2016 - awards announced
October/November 2015 - shows