Blog » Shoes Extravaganza shoe design winner announced 2016

Last night at the Tepid Baths a whole lot of shoe design magic unravelled. Our four prestigious judges Fiona Pardington, Tanya Carlson, Adrian Hailwood and Doris de Pont unanimously ( unanimous 1610s, from L. unanimus “of one mind,” from unus “one” (see one) + animus “mind” (see animus), agreed on the winner of the Shoes Extravaganza 2016 shoe design competition.

Ta Da – Turumeke Harrington for her shoe titled Divide, a CNC milled stained pine base, rubber outsole and striking pink rubber upper which is semi-translucent and gives a glimpse of the wearer’s foot. The judges loved her use of sustainable materials, the shoe proportions and colour, and high professional standard of her work including branding. Turumeke is a shoe and product designer from Lyttleton, NZ. For more of her work go to…

congratulations Turumeke!