Terms & Conditions of entry


The entrant must be the original creator of the work entered. Shoes must not have been entered in any previous competitions or events including previous Shoes Extravaganza shows.


Entrants must be the legal copyright owner of the work entered. Copyright in the work remains with the copyright holder and approval for entry and use in the competition or event is the responsibility of the entrant.

Unless there is an agreement to the contrary, the first owner of copyright in the material (usually the creator) retains those rights. However, the terms and conditions of entry may require the entrant to grant rights for certain uses of a winning entry.


Organisers will only reproduce prize-winning entries in newspapers, magazines, television and internet contexts that specifically advertise, promote, acknowledge or celebrate the event, for a period of two years from closing date for entries. Any other use will be negotiated with the copyright holder and agreed in writing. All reasonable care will always be taken to protect entrants’ works from unauthorised use.


The organisers acknowledge the moral rights provisions of the Copyright Act 1994, including the right to be identified as the author of the work and the right to object to derogatory treatment of the work. To preserve the artistic integrity of the entry, no work will be intentionally edited, altered, demeaned or misrepresented in any way. However, uncollected/non-returned work may be disposed of (see section 7). The authorship of the entrant will be clearly acknowledged in each case of use.


It is the entrant’s responsibility to obtain appropriate written permission from people or owners of property that are identifiable in their work. The entrant must produce evidence of that consent, to the organisers, if requested.


The entrant fully indemnifies the organisers against any claims arising from the display or use of unaltered work as described herein and from the infringement of intellectual property rights of any third party.


All entries accepted for show must include suitable addressed packaging for the return of work. A courier ticket or postage to cover cost of delivery must be included with the delivered shoes unless intending to pick up on show night. All entries will be returned within 21 days of the close of the Shoes Extravaganza show unless otherwise negotiated. Winner’s shoes are retained by the organiser as the organiser’s property.


All entries will be treated with care, but no responsibility will be accepted in the case of loss or damage. Insurance is the entrant’s sole responsibility unless agreed in writing with the organiser. When the value of entries is predominantly lower than say $2000 – entries can often be included in an entrant’s household or business policy coverage. Such a condition however, does not excuse organisers, handlers or carriers from an obligation to handle entries appropriately and with due care and attention.


The entry form confirms the entrant’s consent to these Terms and Conditions. Entries submitted without a paid entry form will not be accepted. Entries close 3rd August 2018. Selected entries must be received by Shoes Extravaganza by 5pm (NZ standard time) on the delivery closing date of 24th August 5pm at agreed address for delivery. Shoes need to be size 39-40 European to be accepted into the competition Category 1, and within the normal range of shoe sizes for category 2,3 &4. Shoes Extravaganza accepts no responsibility for late, lost or misdirected entries. Works that are deemed unsafe, discriminatory or offensive in any way by Shoes Extravaganza will be ineligible. Shoes Extravaganza reserves the right to forgo the catwalk show. A display/exhibition will be held instead  Entrants must be aged 12-18 years for Young Designer at closing time of entry into the competition. Shoes Extravaganza and the judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


1 Feb - entries open
1 June 2016 - entries close
Early june 2016 - initial selection of shoes from photos. Selected entries sent to auckland for choreographing on models and show development.
1 junr 2016 - entries close
Late October 2016 - awards announced
October/November 2015 - shows